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Chloe Panayiotou

  • Bachelor of Arts  in Psychology- Hofstra University, New York

  • Master of Arts in School Psychology - Columbia University: Teachers College, New York City.

  • Master of Education in Educational Psychology- Columbia University: Teachers College, New York City.

  • Certification in Hypnotherapy: The National Guild of Hypnotists Inc., New York City

  • Certification in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Mind Medicine Institute, Australia

Hi there! My name is Chloe, a dreamer with a mission to create a more loving world by starting with ourselves. After working with children and parents at schools and private clinics for over 10 years I’ve seen that change can be so much more impactful when couples and individuals do the work prior to parenthood. What would happen if children were raised by emotionally intelligent, self-loving, self-aware and conscious parents?


I have embarked on my own significant healing journey and worked with plant medicines and altered states of consciousness over the past 7 years and through my experience and knowledge of the mind, soul, consciousness and trauma I am passionate about supporting future parents to start their healing journey before parenthood.  I am a big advocate of self-compassion and sustainability and love slow mornings, the outdoors, travelling, volunteering and pretty spaces. I will be honoured to guide you on this journey. 


Ben and Jackie

“Thank you for being so patient and generous with both of us. Your work has been inspiring and we have loved being around such a positive, smiley and beautiful person."


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