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Lee Khar Wei

  • Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance)

  • Masters in Science (Applied Epigenetics) under The Institute of Aliveness (Graduating mid-2023)

  • Professional Fasting Mentor under The Initiation Online Juice Fasting Program (Get in touch for affiliated discount offer)

  • Certified Shamanic Astrologer under the Turning of the Ages Mystery School (continuing direct apprenticeship under the wise elder founder, Daniel Giomario)

  • Medical Astrology - Herbalism student-practitioner under Judith Hill’s Academy of Astrological Medicine and Sajah Popham’s School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Spoken languages:English & Mandarin

Hi! I’m Khar Wei, a global citizen born on Christmas day.

I’m a Shamanic / Medical Astrologer, Wholistic Health / Life Coach and Corporate Consultant dedicated to inspiring, reawakening and realigning our Inner Authentic Being in our Hero’s Journey into Becoming.

I describe myself as a curious, optimistic and broad-minded eternal youth
in a lifelong quest for deeper meaning, truth and contribution. A polymath who explored and mastered many areas across health, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, leadership and consulting to connect the dots within the bigger picture of life.

Conversations with me are always stimulating, insightful and mind expanding with diverse perspectives shared. Unsurprisingly, my passion includes extensive global adventure travel to experience humanity across diverse history, cultures and nations.

My clear life calling into the Holistic Health and Personal Transformation scene was through a decade-long family struggle to care for a terminally ill parent. Implanting the deep conviction that full-spectrum health across Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit is the path towards True Freedom, Potential and Fulfilment. I dedicate myself to educating, inspiring and empowering present / future generations to take proactive agency in their present life choices, vitality maximisation and disease prevention to lead a Purposeful, Potentialized and Fulfilling life.

Ultimately, I’m a modern-day synthesizer who connects the organic patterns between body and mind, soul and spirit, heaven and earth in lifelong refinement and service to become our Conscious Integrated self. . I welcome you to discover and explore my service offerings here.

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Rachelle Leerling, Netherlands (Natal & Timeline consult)

"My 2 sessions with Khar Wei were MIND-BLOWING!

I am new to astrology readings, yet I felt completely at ease with his teaching and explanation. He went above & beyond - in terms of excitement, passion, energy and also very much time to cover everything I want and need to know about myself and my soul's mission.
The insights are revelational and profound. If you want to dive deeper into yourself, understanding your life's plan and/or the bigger life events that have happened and will happen - be sure to do your readings with KharWei."


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