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Anfisa Shimkevich

  • Bachelors in Natural Health Sciences of the International Quantum University of Integral Medicine in Hawaii

  • Certified Ketih’s Cacao Facilitator

Hi! My name is Anfisa, and I am here to be your mentor on your next transformative chapter of your life.


Having guided women on more than 60 group circles, hosted ceremonial spaces for more than 700 people, I have seen and gathered a lot of experience around what is necessary to guide you from your current self to your future potential self, the next level of your healing and expansion which inevitably is intertwined with your soul's path, purpose and your soul work!


Having completed by BA in Natural Medicine at the Quantum University in Hawaii, and invested a lot of hours into reading on health, spirituality, healing, eastern medicine I have gained a range of knowledge of how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual come together into a holistic and integrative model of approaching health, well-being and success in a person's life.

Additionally I have worked with more than 50 people on guiding them through their healing life journey through 1:1 sessions with ceremonial cacao, shamanic body work in Bali with a Balinese healer and holistic therapies gathered from the knowledge of my lineage.


In my work I merge this knowledge with the guidance of plant medicines, such as ceremonial cacao, to create a mother-like nurturing space for you to grow, turn past pain into present strengths, and bloom into your next level of your potential!

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