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Konstantina Maridaki 

  • Certified 500 EYTT Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher : Samudra Global School of Living Yoga

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine  : The Four Winds 

Deep respect and gratitude friends on the path!

My name is Konstantina from Greece. I am an Earthkeeper and I am here to serve and support your evolution.


I am affiliate teacher of Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga with 18 years of experience, offering teacher trainings, public and private classes in Greece, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. 

My mission through yoga is to make you feel your inner space as sacred, cultivating sweetness and love, by using the wave of your breath synchronised with your movement. That creates a poetic experience that connects you with your soul and make you feel the “AHAM” moment.


As Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner  I feel connected with the unseen, the support of Great Spirit, our Great Mother and our ancestors. My mission is to erase the imprints of your past, the trauma and toxic experiences of your subconscious so you can move forward to a new journey with fearlessness, clarity, beauty and lightness. 


I am here to serve you!

Love All Ways 


Energy Medicine ~ John Zoas

Energy Medicine is a great way to find out where you are stuck and help you to get your energies moving which will boost your vitality and joy.  This helps in all levels of your being from your physical health, relationships, and can even inform your life path going forward.


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