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George Vibra

  • Certified practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, structural integration and neural manipulation - LB institute - Level 8 

  • Advanced Somatoemotional release as taught and guided by Upledger's institute.

  • Certified Traditional Thai massage OMH (old medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai)

  • Certified deep tissue Balinese oil massage and  quantum triangle Reflexology - Level 6, Balance and harmony health centre, Ubud.

Spoken languages: English, Greek

My name is Vibra. For the past 18 years I have traveled across 4 continents in over 17 countries facilitating Craniosacral workshops in the biodynamic Tradition, sharing private healing - one on one - sessions and spiritual mentorship with those who are on a spiritual path to awakening.


After years of living in a life where I felt a constant sense of displacement and unhappiness (and in an addition of an intense childhood and prolonged military service in the navy seals), I have found myself struggling through serious depression and ongoing panic attacks in my early twenties.


This is when I started a spiritual path for which I sought to find the answers to all of my questions. I've been introduced and studied in the universities of Buddhism and Hinduism where I have spent 2 solid years as a 'vippasani' monk in various centres around the world. I was brought in contact with various esoteric arcane school teachings and occult meditation and was trained into various alternative holistic practices such as Shamanic healing, Craniosacral therapy, structural integration, neural manipulation, Theta healing, Traditional Thai massage, deep tissue Balinese oil massage, quantum triangle Reflexology.


I got connected with incredible beings, families and communities, that allowed me to accept in a deeper understanding, the flows of my own heart and uncover the pathways to refine and distilled the messages of our multidimensional (Individual yet collective) expression in loving service.


An experience which reminded me that I am a part of Presence itself and simultaneously its totality. An awareness which if pursued unobstructed from moment to moment to moment, one is able to attune and participate into the unfolding great mystery of creation, embodying in greater depth the center of One Heart within all humanity where essence pervades all manifestation as the source of existence.



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