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Elena-May Paplomatas

Hello, I am Elena May!


I am a Ceremonial Guide, Ayahuascera and Huachumera Apprentice and a Plant Medicine Integration Coach. 


My soul’s purpose and my deepest calling is helping you through your healing and spiritual journey by providing the necessary tools and plant allies to guide you back home to your sacred heart, to your purest most authentic self and to become your own healer. 


In 2012 I was initiated into becoming a healer by healing myself from a life threatening car accident and near death experience. My pelvis broke into pieces and I was told by the doctors I wouldn’t walk for a whole year. I refused to accept that was my reality so I sent energy healing to myself every single day, visualised myself healed, strengthened and trained my body to walk again in just 2 months.  


After experiencing some deeply traumatic experiences in my childhood, growing up being held hostage by my own shadow, there was a yearning in my heart for peace and freedom. In 2017 I embarked on a healing journey which started with Mama Cacao and partook in 400+ Cacao ceremonies. My journey then took me to different countries to work with therapists, coaches, healers, shamans, plant medicines, retreats and courses. 


To date on my plant medicine journey I have attended:


8 plant medicine retreats/cycles;

  • 2 in Costa Rica with Ayahuasca (June 2019 and February 2022)

  • 2 in Peru with Ayahuasca-Bobinsana-Huachuma and Huachuma-Vilca-Coca (September-October 2019)

  • 2 in Panama with Ayahuasca (October 2019 and November 2019)

  • 2 in the Mediterranean with Jurema and Ayahuasca-Sananga (May 2021 and November 2022)

I have completed 4 Master Plant Dietas;

  • 2 isolated Master Plant dietas in the jungle, one with Bobinsana (September 2019) and one with Huachuma (February 2022)

  • 2 month long social dietas, first one was with Cacao (November 2022), second was with Rose (January-February 2023). 


A total of 19 Ayahuasca ceremonies and 20+ Huachuma ceremonies.


About the Master Plants: They are highly intelligent conscious beings and they each have unique personalities and gifts that they want to share with humanity. They want to partner with us to help us heal, evolve, transform and expand our consciousness. The plants are our greatest teachers and allies, they mirror back to us what is already there and hold our hands as they guide us through our inner worlds to see what we are ready to heal. Through my own healing journey and relationship that I have been cultivating with the plants, I have the ability to communicate with them and be the translator and guide for your own path and work with them. The Master Plants that I already have a relationship and connection with so far are; Cacao, Ayahuasca, Huachuma/San Pedro, Mapacho/Rapéh, Vilca, Bobinsana, Coca, Lavender, Rose, Sananga, Sage, Mushrooms, Palo Santo and Frankincense. 


In my ceremony you will find yourself in a safe, loving, compassionate container where I guide you to journey within with a Master Plant to learn how to be your own healer, connect to your intuition, develop self trust and a greater understanding of yourself.


There is no magic pill, plant or one ceremony that heals all, it is a divinely timed unfolding journey that takes patience, compassion and love for all parts of you. No matter where you are on your journey, if you are called to work with me and our plant allies, it is my greatest pleasure and calling to do so.



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