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Dorota Kubat


  • Advanced Regenerative Detoxification 

  •  Lymphatic Iridology - studding in progress

Spoken languages: English, Polish

My name is Dorota.


For the last few years, I have been looking for ways to regain my full health. When doctors couldn’t help me, I decided to take my life into my own hands. I became my own doctor which was the best thing I could do for myself. And it has become my passion. I strongly believed that our body has an ability to self heal when we give it the right condition. I spent every spare moment studying on how to use nature in other to bring my body into the state of balance and homeostasis. The result was I fully regained my health. It was not an easy process though. With many ups and downs. Many times, I thought that if I had known something earlier, I would probably not have made these mistakes. Now, however, I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. If not for my mistakes, I probably would not have learned everything I know today. 


Today I am a happy woman and fulfilled mother . And although doctors tried to convinced me that I would have to take drugs for the rest of my life, today I am free from them and from all kind of supplements. I am full of energy and vitality. I do what love. I sincerely believe that I have found the right path to a healthy and happy life. I learned a lot while seeking healing, so I decided to share this knowledge with the world.


I offer personal guidance how to bring the body into health and balance through gentle detoxification process based on proper diet, herbs and change of the mindset.

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