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Kate Kalamidas

  • Attachment Play Practitioner, Big Toes Little Toes, UK

  • Accredited Play Therapist

  • MA in Psychology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Yin Yoga and Children’s Yoga Instructor

  • doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

  • Founder of Zen Kairn and co-founder of Hold and Play

Spoken languages: English, Greek and Spanish

Hi there, I’m Kate - with a curious mind, a passion for knowledge, travel and personal growth so I suppose wellbeing and human connections have always been close to my heart.

A little bit about me:

I had my first big life changing experience in my 20s whilst volunteering with children in South America. After years of teaching English, it suddenly hit me that I wanted a deeper purpose in life; it
wasn’t the teaching that filled my heart but my connection to the children.

Going back to my Psychology roots I went on to qualify as an Accredited Play Therapist. For a few years I was extremely happy as a School Counsellor in Private International Schools in the UAE, but I
started to get that niggling feeling again; I was becoming increasingly aware of how exhausted and stressed out we are as a society; the rhythm of life today seems almost impossible sustain. I began
realising that the true beauty of life is found in the simple things: immersing ourselves in nature, quality time with family and friends and most of all prioritising self-care practices into daily life. A big
part of that self-care practice became Yin Yoga for me. I began seeking more ways to listen to, nourish and honour my body, mind and soul and incorporating natural alternatives into my life. In 2018 I certified as a Yoga Instructor and went on to specialise in my passion: Yin Yoga.


Finally, as a School Counsellor I began realising how hard it must be for parents. There is just such an unrealistic expectation for them to hold all the solutions. But the reality? No child comes with a ‘how
to’ manual and no parent is born with all the answers. Looking for ways to support parents more and work with both parents and children together I came across Big Toes Littles Toes beautiful
‘attachment-play’ programmes. After qualifying as an Attachment Play Practitioner and successfully running ‘Heart-to-Heart’ parent-child workshops I decided to take the plunge. To follow my heart,
and leave my full-time job. And that is how my journey back to this beautiful little island began…

In 2020, right at the start of the pandemic I moved back to Cyprus. However, nothing ever goes truly as planned and I was forced to look for online alternatives which is when my dear friend, colleague
and now business partner; Salina and I created Hold and Play. (You can read more about us and our services here)

So, whether you’re looking to deepen that connection with yourself or your little/ big one or maybe both? I would love to share that journey with you.

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Sarah, Cyprus

“I love Kate’s Yin Yoga classes! It’s such a special atmosphere and I feel soooo relaxed during and after. I’m there every Friday”


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