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Damian Buzzaqui and Olga Shipilo

What we do is based on our own practice of over 3 years of daily practice. We also did a 10 day Vipassana, which is closely related to the technique we use.

Spoken languages: Russian, English, Spanish

Hi! We are Damian and Olga, founders of Huminds. We guide women in mastering a simple and powerful technique of letting go, which allows release negative emotions and become who you really are.

This project is a natural result of our own personal transformation. For many years we were looking for a key to understand ourselves better and figure out how stop struggling; how to change our stale patterns and reactions; how to stop endless train of negative thoughts; how to get out of being controlled by negative emotions; how to stay in flow more often and get creative ideas more frequently; how to enjoy relationships instead of draining energy; and simply how to be joyful and free.

We tried many things, but we kept going back to the same spot of repeating patterns and disappointment.

In 2019 our lives changed. We discovered a technique of letting go, which is based on observing sensations in the body. We were extremely motivated to practice, because our 3-month old marriage was falling apart…

As a result, not only did we save our union, but we also started to see positive changes in other areas - we got a better vision of what we wanted to do with our life and how we wanted to serve people, easily overcame nicotine addiction, improved our relationships with parents, and overall started to feel lighter, happier, and more joyful. It felt like the fog was dissipating and the sun started to come out :) It’s a very good feeling indeed.

Today we enthusiastically and openly share our discoveries and our experience with others. For that we created a powerful online program “Path to yourself”, where we serve women (in Russian and Spanish) in their path to their bigger Selves.

If you also feel like it’s time to drop the heavy weight of negative emotions accumulated inside and set yourself free, we will be very happy to support you.

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