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Sarah Lorenz

  • Certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist

Hi, I’m Sarah. I have a deep love for nature, plants, and essential oils. I believe essential oils are a gift and reminder from nature to heal ourselves. When in the past I reached for „normal“ medicine, I now use essential oils for various physical and emotional issue that I or my son encounter. Not only do they make me feel better physically and emotionally but they also help me connect to my soul and my soul’s purpose.


Essential oils work so different than medicine. It’s not like putting on a plaster or fix symptoms. Instead they can take you on an inner journey and help you address the root cause of an issue. 


You are the person with the answer. Essential oils will help you to listen. And I’m super passionate to teach you all about their magic.


Reginel D.

„It was wonderful. Thank you!“


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