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Stefanie Nicolaou

  • MSc in Clinical Embryology, University of Oxford 

  • Certified Birth Doula, by Dr Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers 

  • Certified Tantric Therapist & Educador by Tantric Journey School of Healing & Awakening

  • Certified ‘Advanced Gynaecological bodywork’ practitioner by ‘Beaudoin Bodywork’ 

  • Certified ‘Integrative Karsai Nei Tsang and Chi Nei Tsang’ practitioner by ‘Beaudoin Bodywork’ 

  • Certified Energy Healing practitioner by the ‘Fusion 7 school’ of quantum Medicine

  • BSc in Medical Genetics, University of Leicester

Spoken languages: English and Greek

Stefanie’s work as a Birth Doula & Tantric practitioner, blends ancient practices with contemporary science, guiding women and couples to navigate their journeys of sexuality, conception, birth & postpartum. 


She has been a ‘midwife of the soul’ and a modern-day priestess holding transformational spaces for women to dive into their psyche, integrate their shadow and decode the messages of their body, since 2013.


She is the founder of Women Awakenings Academy and the host of Birth-Voice podcast, where she revives the importance of ‘rites of passage’ as a means for women to reconnect to their divine feminine wisdom and authentic power. 


Stefanie believes that as women, we come with the gift and responsibility of ‘birthing the new generation’. With a passion for empowering women, she is committed to creating a ripple effect of visionary feminine leadership.

She has studied with inspirational teachers worldwide including: Daniel Odier, Komala Lyra, Michel Odent and Martin Beaudoin.



“‘Pleasure as medicine’ was a subject I didn’t want to touch at first. Pleasure for me was associated with guilt, shame, hidden stuff behind closed doors. Growing up I was tailored to be the “good girl” in ways that made me feel that pleasure doesn’t belong to me. Through this program and with Stefanie’s nurturing energy, love, wisdom and guidance, I found myself daring to step into my power, shedding the skins of old programmings, tapping into the depths of my most profound fear: to be seen as I am. Naked. Vulnerable. All I can say for this super powerful experience is that every woman needs to experience this. Or at least for women who dare. Thank you Stefanie for your deep devotion & authenticity in what you do.”


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