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Embodied Birth Journey

An 8-week birth preparation program for Women&Couples that want to be informed and prepare for birth

  • 1 h 30 min
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  • Nicosia/Online

Session Info

'Embodied Birth' is a personalised container for couples that are ready to make the most out of their pregnancy journey, leading towards the 'initiation' of Birth. This course is designed to give you 'GNOSIS' - knowledge in order to make empowered dissuasions about your birth. Emphasis is given on re-awakening and trusting the WISDOM of the BODY to birth naturally and therefore creating the most appropriate environment (inside & outside) for birth to happen! This course also covers the subject of SUPPORT; the role of the father & INTIMACY as a container for Birth. You can begin this program after the first trimester of pregnancy. ❤️ WEEK 1 Fears, Desires, Boundaries around Birth - Your Story 📖 GNOSIS - WEEK 2 - 3 Evidence based facts on birthing choices & ‘cultural conditioning’ around birth What to expect; your spectrum of options & guidance for your UNIQUE 'Birth plan' preparation Physiology, hormones and the brain during birth Routine-Practice procedures VS CHOICE Preventing Birth Trauma 🌸 ‘IN THE ZONE’ FOR BIRTH WEEKS 4-7 Tools and comfort measures for handling the intensity of labour and help you Connect and Trust your birthing body Relaxation & Comfort techniques MINDSET; ‘contractions’ as input of sensation EMOTIONS during pregnancy & birth Positions of labour & Pelvic floor practices Shamanic Journeying for birth 🧸 SUPPORT - WEEK 8 Choosing the support that is aligned with your vision of Birth The Father (if applicable) in the Birthing room “Practising Birth" The art of touch during labour The 'Woman After Birth'

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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