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Expansion Session

A 1:1 90 min session that uncovers your blindspots so you can step into the life that you desire

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 199 euros
  • Online, Zoom

Session Info

A one on one 90 min session that uncovers your blindspots so you can step into the life that you desire. Imagine there is a bright path that is in front on your but there is a heavy backpack holding you back and weighing you down and makes you question your capability to step onto that path. And this heavy backpack is actually the fear of being confronted with all the belief systems, emotions and perceived limitations inside of you. The Expansion session will be a deeper look within yourself, to face the parts of you that lived in the shadows for a while. What has been secretly stopping you from really living live in the most fulfilling way. In this session I will connect you to the most expanded version of you and show you the contracted version, so you clearly know the difference between which one has been dictating your reality... After this session you will walk away with: ‣ Absolute clarity around what has been feeling off and your blind spots ‣ Finding out if you have been operating operating from your controlling, firmness, survival self and if yes, receive guidance on how to move into surrender (lowering your guard), trust, and softness for yourself ‣ Feeling SEEN in all that you do ‣ Feeling super motivated to take charge of your reality ‣ Regain a positive sense of what the future holds in store for you, you will believe that you can achieve it ‣ Confidence in how to move towards your desires so you can feel loved, appreciated & acknowledged by yourself and others Which makes you feel contracted and tense in your body and prevents you from stepping into your most loving and expanded self. I AM SO EXCITED to share this amazing offer with you, A ONE AND A HALF HOUR session Connecting you to your highest timeline and expanded self. Prepare to be stretched to your unlimited potential.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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