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Flower Essence Healing

Vibrational plant medicine tailored to empower you through life's changes.

  • 1 h
  • 85 euros
  • Limassol/Online

Session Info

Flower Essences are a liquid vibrational plant medicine derived from living plants. They help you shift subconscious belief systems, emotional blockages and trauma often stemming from childhood or deep challenges by working on your more subtle bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical when stemming from emotional reasons.) Flower Essences work with the nuance of our nervous system - which means sessions are focused on taking sustainable intentional steps to create long lasting change. Flower Essences can be used for: When you’re experiencing deep grief due to a physical loss or a break-up Fear that emerges as you transition out of or into a new job, friendship, romantic relationship, living situation or art project When you’re learning to set better boundaries or communicate your needs better Experiencing intense premenstrual, period or pregnancy symptoms When you’re struggling with getting pregnant Dealing with long-standing anxiety and depression Getting clear on your life purpose Courage to put yourself out there, trust your unique voice and artistic/spiritual gifts Children who are experiencing intense emotions as they experience changes at home, school or in their own psycho-somatic development (I recommend the entire family to come for a session in this case) And so so so much more! A session includes: An in-depth interactive conversation based on counseling questions that allow me to understand the root of the problem, what emotions you’re dealing with and where you would like to end up An embodied practical practice (this might include shamanic journeying, energy healing, meditation, embodiment practices, tarot/oracle cards etc.) to help begin the shift + give you practice advice/tools to take home. (This is intuitively led.) A unique crafted Flower Essence formula just for you + instructions on how to use it WhatsApp/Telegram/Email support in case of questions or some needed support **CHECK-IN CALL OPTION: 2 weeks later another 30-40 minute call for any additional support you need A delicious cup of ceremonial cacao(optional) Sessions are available ONLINE and IN-PERSON. To create a more long-standing result the 3-session package is recommended. Please note: Flower Essences are generally safe, as in comparison to essential oil, they do not have any physical component of any plant due to no heat treatment. They can be used despite allergies but always check in with your doctor. Essences are NOT essential oils, tinctures, or hydrosol

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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