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Flower Essence Healing Session

Vibrational plant medicine picked especially for you to support you through life's challenges.

  • 1 h
  • Online/ Limassol

Session Info

Experiencing high levels of agitation, anxiety or stress? Always taking care of everyone else but seem like you never have enough time for yourself? Constantly coming up against blockages or resistances that stop you from living as the highest version of who you are? Or maybe you know you’re meant for something great but just can’t seem to get clarity on what that unique purpose is? Flower Essences, a type of liquid vibrational plant medicine derived from living plants, are known for helping shift energetic blockages through engaging with our nervous system at a spiritual level. Flower Essences help us shift subconscious belief systems and trauma often stemming from childhood, but can help us get clarity on our goals, magnify our vibration, increase our ability to tap into joy and so so much more. Flower Essences are completely safe while pregnant and breastfeeding, as in comparison to essential oil, they do not have any physical component of any plant, flower, tree the flower essence is formed from. Infused into water through the power of sunlight, flower essences carry the vibrational quality of the plant/tree/flower they are made with. In this unique 1 hour coaching style healing session, Nina helps you explore what challenges you currently might be dealing with and co-creates with the Essences to make you a custom formula to help you bring ease to your system, while also finally helping you shift the things that are no longer serving your highest expansion. Sessions are held ONLINE.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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