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Soul Touch Healing Massage

Opening up the body's the channels of communication.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 100 euros
  • Limassol

Session Info

The body is the mirror of the soul, it has its own intelligence and memory, carrying all the information we need for our well being. Traumatic events, usually from childhood, that we were not able to process at the time, can get stuck in the body, separating them from the conscious mind. The body will carry these suppressed memories and emotions without us realising, influencing our everyday lives. With a touch that makes us feel safe, we can unlock the protective shield that has been built and access deep rooted issues that are keeping us stuck. My massage will assist to create a safe space and get us both into a near meditative state, opening up the channels of communication at a soul level. The body will relax and absorb the touch more deeply allowing it to “speak” while connecting and processing emotions that come up. How a session will look like: ● We can start with a chat about your intention or you can go straight to the massage table. ● During the massage, I will work on all energy levels, by triggering physical, mental and emotional blockings while listening to your Bodies energy. ● I will translate and deliver messages from your Body while helping you to listen and understand your own inner guidance. ● I can guide you into a journey to shine light at your hidden spots, hold space for you to remember and connect to lost pieces. ● I can assist you when needed to look deeper into yourself and break down any issue for understanding the root cause. ● Energy will flow through my touch to you depending on what is needed in each moment. What you will experience during and after a session depending where you are at: ● Invite change to your live ● Uncover inner child issues ● Show imbalances in masculine - feminine energies ● Reveal unconscious resistance and blockages ● Open up more to yourself and others ● Release physical and emotional tension ● Insight and clarity to what is happening energetically in your life ● Clear space you need for growth and expansion in life. Sessions incorporate different healing modalities and techniques with massage, connecting the physical, mental and emotional body Allow 2 hours for the session

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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