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Tantric Therapeutic Bodywork For Women

A trauma-informed holistic therapy for Sexual healing, awakening & understanding of your female body

  • 4 hours
  • 350 euros
  • Nicosia

Session Info

Through tantric healing and education I support women to -Release sexual trauma & childhood abuse -Feel safe being in their body -Reconnect with their sexuality sensuality & feminine embodied wisdom; -Heal vaginismus -Heal pelvic / yoni pain during intercourse -Recover from traumatic birth experiences -Release and balance pelvic floor muscles to heal or prevent incontinence, menstrual problems, fertility issues -Heal bladder and Uterus prolapse -Open up their capacity to feel more pleasure and different types of orgasms -Recognise and express their boundaries, desires and needs -Prepare their perineum for birth -Attract a partner and/or build a deeper and more exciting connection with a partner My interest in supporting women in their sexual healing and empowerment began through my own journey of healing sexual abuse and childhood trauma and the search to find answers that come from a deep embodied experience. Tantric healing Bodywork is a trauma-informed holistic therapy that facilitates deep healing and rewiring of the nervous system. A combination of Tantric and Taoist breathing techniques and slow application of touch, allows the receiver to establish a ‘parasympathetic state’ of relaxation where deeper layers of emotions can be accessed. De-armouring and emotional release techniques are used to transform stagnant emotions, numbness, negative belief patterns, trauma stored in the body over time. This naturally activates the life-force or sexual energy currents in the body, initiating a self healing and balancing process.This makes tantric therapeutic bodywork a deeply empowering and transformative modality, supporting women in their sexual healing, awakening and acceptance of their female body. YONI DE-ARMOURING MASSAGE (Yoni = vulva and internal structures of the vaginal canal and pelvic floor. Depending on a woman’s boundaries and desires, a session can include a yoni massage OR NOT.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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