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Women's Soul Mentorship -2 Month-Program

A complete guidance and nurture to discover your unique gifts and soul's purpose.

  • 2 hr
  • Online

Session Info

Break free from unworthiness and discover your unique gifts to live a life of meaning, joy, health and alignment with your souls purpose. Hi! My name is Anfisa, and I am here to be your mentor on your next transformative chapter of your life. Having guided women on more than 60 group circles, hosted ceremonial spaces for more than 700 people, I have seen and gathered a lot of experience around what is necessary to guide you from your current self to the next level of your healing and expansion. Having studies Natural Medicine at the Quantum University in Hawaii, I have knowledge of how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual come together into a holistic and integrative model of approaching health, well-being and success in a person's life. In my mentorship program I merge this knowledge with the guidance of plant medicine, such as ceremonial cacao, to create a mother-like nurturing space for you to grow, turn past pain into strengths, and bloom into your next level of your potential. What we will do in our 2 months together: -Create a nurturing and guiding and encouraging space for your growth -Dive into improving your connection to your physical body and health (moon cycle, diet, psychosomatics etc.) -Recognise and develop your personal gifts -Unfold the queues of your emotional body -Create greater clarity in your mental space -Develop tools for your self-nurturing, self-regulation and self-love -Work with the inner-child, future self, sensual goddess and other archetypal consciousnesses -Integrate the shadow selves into the light for greater personal power -Develop a connection and relationship to the plant medicine of your resonance (ceremonial cacao, rapeh, flower essences, blue lotus etc.) -Learn about creating sacred space (for solo ceremonies and clients) -Learning the language of life, nature, the sacred, your intuition to navigate this reality with greater wisdom and trust By the end of this mentorship program you would have: -Gained greater clarity about your soul's purpose -Improved your overall health and well-being -Understood and connected to the language of your physical body -Connected more to your intuition -Developed a relationship to a plant medicine of your choice -Spotted your gifts and talents -Created greater meaning and value to your life -Untangled limiting emotional and metal cycles -Gained tools and knowledge of how to continue supporting yourself on your expanding life path to fulfilling your souls purpose

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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