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Welcome to the Soul Time!

An online community connecting people in Cyprus.



"Pay what you can" workshop of the Japanese art of rope bonding one another in painful somatic pleasure and soulful trusting human connections, is about creating geometric patterns on beautiful human bodies, letting go and allowing control to another person while trusting and being taken care of by your partner.

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We provide you with a valuable platform.

Our goal is to create a platform which will connect people across different interest, values, beliefs, ages, nationalities and areas of expertise in one unified space made for all.

The old paradigm of complete autonomy and competition is becoming outdated. So we are called to lay a new path. One of collaboration, unification and support between the people on the island. Our evolution is calling for an upgrade. We created an online space to carry it's essence.

We wish to give you access to a platform where you can find upcoming events, classes, activities happening on the island. Talented practitioners who offer their services. Access to free services for mothers, and so much more.


Open your horizons. Discover what is going on. Connect with talented people. Grow.

Meet the Team

Anfisa Profile .jpeg

Anfisa Shimkevich

I create unique spaces of connection and healing for people.

Nina Profile imagine.jpeg

Nina Plavnik

I support highly sensitives and creatives bloom into their fullest expression and have the audacity to manifest their wildest dreams.

Haritini Profile picture.jpg

Haritini Anastasia Taktikou

I create a safe space for people to explore their sensual expression, through movement and breath.

Loukas Shibari Profile.jpeg

Loukas Christodoulou

I introduce you to shibari, the  japanese art of rope bondage, as a form of art and a pleasure practice.

Maria Mara Profile.jpg

Maria Mara

I guide you to greater well-being with my compassionate approach.

Chris Solonos Profile.jpeg

Chris Solonos

I accompany you through the experience of meeting the sea, your surfboard and surfing, giving you the basics of safety and skill required for starting your own surfing journey.

Join the Team

Do you share the same vision and want to be a part of this new era? 

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Free Services

Discover our mother's support page where our practitioners offer their services completely for free for mother and mother-to-be.